About K Storm Image Consulting

K Storm Image Consulting was founded by Kylie Storm Crichton with the purpose of educating people on how to look their best in their own unique way in whatever environment they are in – in the workplace, at social events or just in every day life.

Image is so important – especially in this day and age. The right image will boost your confidence, which has a positive influence on everything you do and how you feel doing it.

Whatever your style, whether it is high maintenance, low maintenance or even no maintenance, find out how to best showcase yourself in a way that fits in with your lifestyle and personality – without spending hours getting ready.

My Story

I have always loved clothes and put effort into my appearance. However, I realised that although there were so many styles and colours I loved, I wasn’t wearing any of them! One look at my wardrobe showed me I was in a rut with my clothes.

Grey, black and white were not only the staples of my closet – they made up my whole wardrobe. I began to see how boring I must look every day to others. 

I started making a concerted effort to incorporate new styles and new colours, ones that actually complemented me, into my wardrobe, and I was amazed at what they did for me. I started having fun with getting dressed again and loved seeing how moving from my “safe” colours opened up so many more looks for me.

So even if you know how to dress, sometimes you need to take a step back, look at your clothes and get a reality check. Reviving your closet with fresh, new colours and styles breathes new life into an old wardrobe as well as boosting your confidence.

Life is too short to walk around in dull clothes. Make getting dressed an adventure and make sure every outfit makes you feel fantastic.

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